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List of cards compatible with @240MHz overclock and writing at least 90 Mbyte/s in ML benchmark:

32 GB 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB
integralultima PRO ??? R180/W130
NO [0]
KingstonCanvas Go! Plus N/ANO [2]???N/A
KingstonCanvas Select Plus NONOYES [2]?YES [2]
82 MB/s
LexarProfessional1667x/250 MB/sN/A?YES [1]?N/AN/A
SamsungEVO Plus (2021)/KNONONO [0]YES [0]?N/A
SamsungEVO Select (2021)/KN/A NO ?YES [0]YES [4]N/A
SamsungPRO Plus (2021)/K NO?YES [0]YES [0]?N/A
SamsungPRO Plus (2023)/S N/A?YES [4]??N/A
SamsungPRO Ultimate (2023)/S N/AN/A??NO [6]N/A
SandiskExtreme R190/W130
YES [0]
SandiskExtreme Plus R170/W90
YES [0]
SandiskExtreme Pro95 MB/s
SandiskExtreme Pro170 MB/s YES [3] SDSQXCY-128G-GN6MA
YES [0]
SandiskExtreme Pro(2022) R200/W90
YES [3]
85 MB/s
YES [5]
85 MB/s
YES [0]
SandiskUltra NO [0]

[0] tested by Walter Schulz Q3/2023
[1] tested by Damiafix in ML forum Q2/2023
[2] tested by NikSa in Discord Q3/2023
[3] tested by a.sintes via Discord Q3/2023
[4] tested by bibg via Discord Q4/2023
[5] tested by musu via Discord Q4/2023
[6] tested by matescb via Discord Q4/2023

Please add source of information. Who did the test and when and where it was reported (own tests or told by others in forum, discord, reddit, FB or elsewhere)
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