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Information about EOS RP (Firmware 1.6.0)

Device Chip Architecture / Size
MCU DIGIC 8 Cortex A9 ARMv7 32-Bit Little Endian
MPU ??? Cortex M4 ARMv7 32-Bit Little Endian
LIME ??? Xtensa 32-Bit Little Endian
ROM0 ??? 32MB
ROM1 ??? 32MB
EEPROM (Serial Flash) ??? 32KB

MCU (Main CPU)

Memory Map:

Device Start End Description
RAM 0x00800120 0x???????? Firmware updater (When performing a firmware update)
I/O 0xD??????? 0x???????? Peripherals / LEDs / Chip Enable I/O etc.
ROM0 0xE0000000 0xE169FFFF
ROM1 0xF0000000 0xE1FFFFFF Assets, Lens correction data, etc.

RAM: 0x40000000 - 0x????????

Address Length Region Description
0x40467800 0x13e0 Duke GkLog NetLogOutput Host
0x40468c00 0x13e0 Duke GkLog NetLogOutput Slave

Flashrom 0 Map: 0xE0000000 - 0xE1FFFFFF

Address Length Region Description
0xE0000000 0x40000 warp Bootloader and Factory Menues
0xE0040000 0x16a0000 boot Program Area (Main Firmware)
0xE16A0000 0x960000 prop Properties (Camera Settings, Passwords, Serial Number etc.)

Properties Map: 0xE16A0000 - 0xE1FFFFFF

Address Length Region Description
0xE1700000 0x90000 Rasen
0xE1790000 0x10000 TunMap
0xE17A0000 0x2d0000 tun2
0xE1A90000 0x10000 tun4
0xE1AA0000 0x40000 Ring
0xE1B40000 0x20000 Lens
0xE1B60000 0x20000 LENS2
0xE1B90000 0x40000 Custom
0xE1BD0000 0x40000 DbgRO1
0xE1C10000 0x40000 DbgRO2
0xE1C50000 0x80000 LENS5
0xE1CD0000 0x280000 LENS3
0xE1F50000 0xa0000 Camif
0xE1FFC000 0x20000 Service
0xE1FFE000 0x2000 Error

Flashrom 1 Map: 0xF0000000 - 0xF2000000

Tune 0xF0330000 0x1a0000
tun2 0xF0010000 0x2d0000
tune 0xF0330000 0x1a0000
GUI 0xF06A0000 0x960000

MPU (Microcontroller for Low level I/O and Mechanics)


Lime (W-Lan chip)



cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_754146111987646464_808819348499202089_rp_mainboard_icu_layer.jpg cdn.discordapp.com_attachments_754146111987646464_808819387250638888_rp_mainboard_mpu_layer.jpg

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