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   - Camera with "​bootflag"​ set   - Camera with "​bootflag"​ set
   - A "​bootable"​ flash card   - A "​bootable"​ flash card
-  - ML files and directories stored on card.+  - ML files and directories stored on card. ML version and cam type/​firmware version must match!
 In detail: In detail:
-Camera with "​bootflag ​set: +Bootflag:​\\ 
-  A cam with bootflag set will check for a bootable card. Bootflag ​will be set during installation and will only be resettet+During ML installation the only change done to your cam is setting this "​bootflag". 
 +A cam with bootflag set is forced to check if there is a bootable card insertedIf no bootable card is found cam will just work without ML running.* 
 +If a bootable card is found cam will try to find Autoexec.bin and check if camera firmware version and autoexec.bin version.  
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