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 |FAT32 | 0x47/71 |0x5c/92 |0x1f0|  |FAT32 | 0x47/71 |0x5c/92 |0x1f0| 
 |ExFAT |0x82/130 |0x7a/122 |0x1f0|  |ExFAT |0x82/130 |0x7a/122 |0x1f0| 
-VBR checksums must be updated for ExFat\\ +VBR校验必须更新为ExFat\\ 
-SCRIPT is for Canon basic+SCRIPT是为佳能基本准备的    **<color #ed1c24>这里我觉得翻译的不太准,可能是软件里的选项,等我把台式电脑修好了看一看软件里是啥就改</color>** 
 ====== 更新魔灯 ====== ====== 更新魔灯 ======
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