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 **Raw zebra underexposure** **Raw zebra underexposure**
-You may adjust thresholds for underexposure ​and overexposureor you can +  * OFF - 0EV <> +4EV 
-disable zebras while recordingNotewhen using the Technicolor + 
-CineStyle picture styleluma will have values between 16 and 255; +This allows you to choose at what exposure the underexposure ​zebras will be displayed. ​ 0 EV means that the zebras will be displayed where the amount of noise in the imageis equal to the amount of signal in the image (the noise floor). ​ 
-therefore, you will have to set the underexposure threshold to 16 or +A general consensus among photographers,​ is that the limit for acceptable amount of noise in images, is 2 EV above this noise floor. 
 +Dual ISO zebras: ​ When using dual ISO, there are dual exposures and the zebras reflect this.  With dual ISO there are two types of zebras. ​ 
 +  * Full/solid zebras which work exactly like normal zebras, and describe overexposure in both ISOs.  
 +  * Half/stripe zebras which represent overexposure only in the higher ISO.
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