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     * Best Focus     * Best Focus
     * Slit-Scan: ​     * Slit-Scan: ​
-    * Full-res:+    * Full-res: ​Silent pic covering full sensor area. 
 +FRSP is not made for short exposures. You will get overexposured pictures if you insist on using short shutter settings. 
 +If you use minumum exposure time (1/4000 or 1/8000) you will get a gradient. (Example: 5D3 gets 1/33.19 at the frame'​s top and 1/6.30 at the bottom). 
 +500D, 550D and 600D are limited to exposure times up to 0.8 seconds. Other cams can do 15 seconds. 
 +You have to enable Expo Override to change aperture. Or use manual lenses. 
 +ETTR works best with Intervalometer. Set ETTR option "​Always On". Adjust aperture or use ND filter to get exposure times above 0.5 seconds. Otherwise results may be impossible to deflicker in postprocessing. Don't forget Silent pic and Intervalometer are using the same default trigger. Change Intervalometer trigger to "Leave menu" to avoid this. 
 +Source: https://​www.magiclantern.fm/​forum/​index.php?​topic=12523.msg143510#​msg143510 
 > OBSOLETE? Silent Pic Hi-Res: > OBSOLETE? Silent Pic Hi-Res:
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